Saudi Anaesthetic Society has been established in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Scientific Council of the Universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Past history:

This was approved by His Excellency President of the University dated 22-02-1409 H (13-09-1998). Since that time the Association conducted a survey by sending questionnaire to every department of anaesthesia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, requesting each Anaesthetist to answer the questionnaire and complete the preliminary application form. Response was excellent. Around 400 Anaesthetists and 150 technicians responded. Analysis of the data was highlighted during the birth of the association which was announced in the symposium on “ Advanced in Anaesthesia & Analgesia” held in Rabia Al - Thani 1410 H (November 1989). During that time Professor Mohamed Seraj was the chairman of the associationwhere the association succeeded in conducting 8 conferences allover KSA. Also a news letter was produced which was a nucleaus to the current journal. Following chairmen were Professor Abdulhamid Alsaeed followed by his successor Professor Ahmed Abdelmomen. During there time the "Saudi J Anesthesia"(SJA)begin to appear where the first issue released on 2006. Now SJA has 4 issues/year and indexed on PubMed.

Present history:

Currently Prof. Ahmed Abdulmomen is the chairman of the society. The name of the association changed to "Saudi Anesthetic Society"

The Mission of the Society are as follows :

  1. To establish a well organized body to provide facilities in clinical, research, and educational activities.
  2. To regulate the annual symposia/clinical meetings and postgraduate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. To produce an anaesthesia journal and newsletter regularly.
  4. To establish standards of care and code of conduct for the speciality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The vision of the society as follow:

     1. To seek membership of the international, European and the Arabian Federations of the anaesthetic societies,

     2. to participate in their activities and benefit from their facilities available for the anaesthetists and technicians.

     3. To establish medical malpractice insurance 

     4. To establish excellent library facilities for the members of the association.

     5. To further support SJA for possible ISI indexing

The fee for the active membership for Anaesthetist is SR 200 / year, anaesthetic technician is SR 50/year, and SR 600/ year for institutional member.

The Society would like to inform all colleagues and hospitals to join us by paying their dues as well as preparing their manuscripts for possible publication after peer reviewing process in the Saudi J Anesthesia (SJA).